Pink Tax


If you haven’t already heard, Illinois is making advances on a bill that will end taxes on tampons, pads and other feminine hygiene products. According to STL Today, the tax on these products can be as high as 10.25% in certain areas of Chicago. Being a woman in Illinois is expensive, huh? As if mother nature isn’t punishing us enough with periods, we spend a fortune yearly to manage her. But is the end of these taxes a good idea?

Sure, it would be great to use that extra money for some extra chocolate, amirite? Some would argue that of course this is a positive change! It’s not our fault we get periods! It’s an unfair tax that only effects women (unless you’re a dad/uncle/grandfather that buys these things for their young daughter/niece/granddaughter. You da real MVP’s). The others would point out that taxes bring in revenue. And if one is taken away, another needs to be applied or raised, right? So if feminine products no longer have a sales tax, which product that already has one will be raised? There are others that would argue that these things are not a necessity, but a luxury. We could all be using reusable pads instead of spending money on these disposable products that allow us to better manage our periods.

So whose side are you on?

Pink Tax does not only apply to cotton canoes and pads. CNN brings to light that almost all products made specifically for women are more expensive than the “male” version of these items – think razors, shampoos, shaving cream, etc. WHY?! Why are we paying more to LIVE?! I mean, we could always just buy the men’s razors, right? But isn’t it the principle? Sometimes, it’s not as simple as buying the male version of the product. Northwestern did a study that had both men and women call various auto body repair shops asking for quotes on having a radiator replaced. Women who appeared clueless on the phone were quoted $406 for a job that should cost $365. Men who acted similarly uninformed, were quoted $383. BOGUS. Obviously doing your homework on car repairs is smart no matter what gender you are. Duh.

What’s your opinion on Pink Tax?




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