Good Morning!

Rise and shine, SASSY‘s! It’s a little gloomy here in the Chicagoland area today, so I’m sure it was a tough getting out of bed this morning for many of us. I’m think I hit my snooze button about 8 times this morning. Only overslept by 30 minutes…no  big deal, right? It was easy for me to feel rushed, frustrated and anxious as I was running out the door this morning. This made me think about how many mornings I wake up feeling dreadful, anxious or all around negative. Who wants to start their day that way?

So, if you suffer from a case of the Monday’s pretty much everyday, check out these ways you can start your day on a positive note! I am SO not a morning person. Like…at all. Not even a little bit. But I’m determined to make myself love mornings. Or, maybe just not hate them so much. Baby steps.




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