In Weird, Sad News…

Unfortunately, there is a new body challenge circulating. Yay? If you haven’t already heard, this new and exciting paper waist challenge includes an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. Young women are posing with pieces of paper over their waists to “prove” just how skinny they are. If the piece of paper covers your entire midsection, congratulations! You win…nothing. Literally. You don’t win anything.

This is one of the many (monumentally stupid) body challenges that we have encountered, thanks to the internet. People, young women specifically, can’t seem to get enough of these super fun ways to #humblebrag about how skinny they are.

So, we’ve had the thigh gap that took the internet by storm. Your thighs have never met? Congratulations, you are (apparently) the epitome of a sexy and physically flawless specimen. WHO. FREAKIN. CARES?! My thighs touch! They’re very good friends! But even if your thighs don’t touch, that’s great too! I’m not really sure why we needed a whole phenomenon dedicated to whether or not 2 body parts touch each other, but let’s move on. We’ve also had the collarbone challenge. Have you ever wanted to carry change in your collarbone? Are your pockets to small for your pennies? Great! Just stick them in your collarbone, and prove to the world you are too skinny to need pockets! *insert eye roll here*

The bikini bridge challenge  is another we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. Do you want to know if you have achieve this level of physical perfection? Let me help you out:

  1. Put on a bikini.
  2. Lay flat on your back.
  3. Look down.
  4. Determine if there is space between your stomach and bikini bottoms, riiiiight where your hip bones support the elastic.
  5. Get up and smack yourself because this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

It’s no secret that sadly, 99.9% of women of all ages do not feel confident enough to wear a bikini. Did we we really need another reason to be afraid to put a 2 piece on? Sigh.

Up next, we have the belly button challenge. Can you reach your belly button from behind your body? No? Yeah, me either. Because my bones are not made of rubber bands. But according to the internet and China (where basically all of these trends have originated), if you can accomplish this, then you have a perfect figure. You, my friend, are a 10.

It makes me sad to think that girls are growing up witnessing all of these stupid “challenges.” Most women spend a majority of their life trying to find a sense of self confidence. I’m hopeful that even if you struggle to love yourself, you can see how insane all of the above challenges are. You know none of this actually defines how fit/healthy beautiful you are, right? There is no scientific connection that backs up any of these trends. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remember to love yourself the way you are. Our bodies are incredible things. Especially since no 2 are the same. So, please join me in one last eye roll at all the insane body trends the internet graces us with. And then give yourself a big-ass hug. You deserve it.









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