Things I Want My Future Daughter to Know

Dear (Future) Daughter,

Hi, it’s me. Your future mom. You may not be here yet, but there are some things I want you to know.

I want you to know that you are worth everything. You are worth all the time, effort and energy a person can give. So if they’re not making space for you in their life, they’re not worth your time.

I want you to know that you can do anything in the world, but you may not be able to do everything, and that’s okay. Please do not let the fear of missing out on one thing hold you back from experiencing so many other things. The world is your playground, and I hope you spend your life having fun. It’s an adventure.

You have the power to create your own fate, even when you are feeling powerless. Strength comes from within.

I want you to love yourself. No matter what anyone else around you looks like, you are perfect exactly the way that you are. You are not made to fit inside a box – yours or anyone else’s. Our bodies are incredible creations – don’t waste your time hating yours.

They called you bossy? Good. Be the boss.

I want you to know you are going to mess up. Life isn’t always going to go your way, and you might put yourself in a pickle every now and then. And that’s totally, 110% okay. It’s normal, in fact. I want you to know you can always come to me for help, but you have to learn to help yourself, too.

It’s okay to feel lost. It’s okay to not know who you are. It’s said that life is a journey, and those are true words. It’s a journey that should be spent finding yourself, finding happiness, and finding love.

I want you to know that love is gentle. It should not steal your energy, it should not steal your self confidence. Love should lift you up, it should nourish your soul. Love should feel like home.

But that doesn’t mean love won’t hurt. That doesn’t mean your heart won’t break. Sometimes, you’ll have to break your own heart. And I’ll be there for you to pick up every piece.

Stand up for what you believe in, even if it’s hard. You may face ridicule or self doubt, but trust your gut. Don’t give up on your values or your character – they make you who you are (and who you aren’t.)

Don’t apologize for being you. Don’t ever apologize for feeling a certain way, or thinking a certain thought. Your mind is beautiful, and your heart is pure. Be unapologetic-ally you. Always.

The bravest thing you can ever do is ask for help.

I want you to know that a man cannot define you. He cannot control you, and he cannot contain you. Don’t forget this.

Please cherish the people you love. It may seem sappy, silly or embarrassing. But showering your family and friends with love is the kindest, most important thing you can do. No one is going to be around forever. And you’ll only regret the times you didn’t say “I love you.”


I want you to know that this world…it’s big, and it’s scary. But it’s also beautiful, and majestic and mysterious. Someday, when you grace this world with your presence, you’re going to love it.



Your (Future) Mother


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